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Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge is situated on the shores of Lake George in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Muhokya sub-county, near Kahendero Fishing Village.
Born out of love for nature and animal preservation, our lodge is a perfect location for those who want to experience the tranquility of unspoiled Africa, untouched by mass tourism. Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge's unique charm is in the atmosphere of intimacy, welcoming ambiance and a splendid customer service that is carefully rendered to our esteemed guests and visitors.

Our guests hardly leave disappointed- they are always impressed by our six beautiful, spacious, and comfortable cottages overlooking Lake George. 
 All Cottages leave our Guest with a breathtaking view of Lake George. However, the most amazing feature of our cottages happens during the night when hippos come so close leaving you ever thanking God for this distinctiveness 
Come and enjoy one of the most relaxing, comfortable spacious reception known on the Continent

Guests are received and registered at the lounge that comprises of a dinning and seating area and bar, before checking in to their rooms. The lounge also boosts of a variety of African art crafts including drums, harps, board games which guests can try out
The bar is well stocked with a delectable array of alcoholic beverages, ranging from the best wines in the country to the most recent spirits known to Uganda. All the ingredients used in our kitchen are sourced from local communities therefore all guests are guaranteed a freshly made meal to your