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Bugala is the second largest Island set within the Uganda waters of Lake Victoria and the best developed for tourism, linked to the mainland by a regular motor ferry and dotted with accommodation to suit most tastes and budgets. Kalangala, the administrative centre for the Islands, is a small town situated on a ridge at the eastern end of Bugala, while the nearby Lutoboka Bay hosts the Island’s main cluster of beach resorts. Another important landmark on Bugala is Luku, the small village on the western extreme of the Island where the motor ferry from mainland docks.

A good dirt road connects Luku to Kalangala, and several minor roads run to other villages lying further south on the Island.


Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

 Located 23km southeast of Entebbe in Lake Victoria, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, or 'Chimp Island', is home to over 40 orphaned or rescued chimpanzees who are unable to return to the wild. Humans are confined to one of the 40 hectares while the chimps wander freely through the rest, emerging from the forest twice a day for feeding at 11am and 2.30pm. This coincides with visitor arrival times to the island, with viewings of the chimps via a raised platform.

While it can't compare to the experience of seeing chimps in the wild, especially due to the large electrified fence that separates chimp from human, it still makes for a worthwhile excursion to observe the animals' remarkable behaviour. Guides here are informative, and there are individual profiles for each chimp, detailing both their distinct personalities and history. There are also big monitor lizards in residence and abundant birdlife.

The island is a project of the Chimpanzee Sanctuary & Wildlife Conservation Trust, which arranges bookings for day trips and accommodation.

Rates are based on a minimum group of two, though one individual can go at a higher rate. It's cheaper with larger group sizes. The half-day trip includes entry, guide and boat transport. Two trips depart from Entebbe per day; in the morning at 9am, returning at 12.45pm, or departing at 12.45pm and returning by 4.45pm.

The CSWCT also offers an overnight experience (first night/additional nights US$539/185) in a self-contained, solar-powered safari tent. Rates include lodging, full board, transport, activities and entry, based on two guests. Check the website for add-on activities.

Arrive via speed boat (50 minutes) or motorised canoe (90 minutes) from the Entebbe dock. Those who arrive via their own transport must pay an entry fee (adult/child US$35/15).


May 28, 2023

Koome Island is located in Mukono District, in northwestern Lake Victoria, in Central Uganda. The island is separated to Ssese Islands by the Koome Channel. Koome is the largest island in the northeastern group. Other islands in the same group include: Damba IslandLuwaji IslandNgamba-Chimpanzee IslandBulago IslandKayaga Island and others. This location lies approximately 63 kilometers (39 mi), by water, northeast of Kalangala[1] Koome also lies approximately 35 kilometers (22 mi), by water, southeast of Entebbe, the nearest large town. [2] The coordinates of Koome Island are:00 05 06S, 32 45 00E (Latitude:-0.0850; Longitude:32.7500).]

The largest urban area on the island is called Bugombe, located on the northwestern shore of the island. There is a health center on the island, Koome Health Center III, not far from Bugombe. In February 2011, PostBank Uganda announced that they will soon open a brick and mortar branch on Koome Island.[3]

The principal economic activity on Koome, as is the case with most adjacent islands in the Ssese Islands is fishingNile Perch is the species primarily fished, with most of the catch processed on the mainland for export. Overfishing is a concern. Other economic activities include agriculture, both crop and animal husbandry, logging and tourism.



situated in the northwest of Lake Victoria, the Ssese Islands form one of Uganda’s prime destinations for casual rambling and off-the-beaten-track exploration, as well as for game fishing, in particular Nile perch. For much of the 1990s, the islands were entrenched as perhaps the most popular backpackers’ chill-out destination in Uganda. Although their attractions have not diminished in recent years, their popularity evidently has, attributable perhaps to the suspension of ferries from Port Bell as well as the burgeoning tourist development at the more accessible Lake Bunyonyi in Kigezi.

The Ssese Archipelago consists of 84 separate Islands, some large and densely inhabited, others small and deserted, but lushly forested thanks to an annual average rainfall in excess of 20,000mm. Only two islands regularly receive tourists. The more established of these is Buggala, the largest, most accessible and most developed Island, which is privately owned and the site of a popular budget resort. Other Islands that can be visited with varying degrees of ease are Bubeke, Bukasa and Bufumira.

Not least amongst Ssese Islands’ attractions are their rustic character and the sense of being well away from established tourist circuit. But as in other out-of –the-way places, it is suggested that you dress conservatively except in resort and campsite grounds, and to swim with a t-shirt on.

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